Best Restaurant POS System in the UK
Best Restaurant POS System in the UK

Best Restaurant POS System in the UK

It’s essential to align your POS software with your unique needs. You must pick a brand that supports the objectives of your company because the features and prices of POS systems differ significantly depending on the brand you choose.

Our professionals have over 20 years of experience dealing with hotel companies. Our most recent research examined restaurant point-of-sale (POS) systems in relation to four critical metrics: price, restaurant features, assistance and support, and customer happiness.

1. Square for Restaurants: Best for startup restaurants founded in the last 3 years

Square for Restaurants was examined by our team of researchers for pricing, help & support, client feedback, and restaurant features. It received at least a top-three ranking in every category, earning it our highest recommendation for restaurant businesses.

Due to its extensive feature set, Square may function as several different systems, which offers small company restaurateurs exceptional value for their money.

Users may incorporate booking tools and delivery apps, as well as comprehensive table management services. Additionally, the Square terminal is one-touch, allowing for quick transactions that can significantly increase sales.

2. Clover: Best for small restaurants that also sell retail products

The expertise Clover has in both the restaurant and retail sectors is one of its main attractions. We believe it to be a fantastic alternative for delis that concentrate on food service as well as in-person and online goods sales because of this.

All of Clover’s reporting features are designed with selling in mind. The software allows you to create a thorough sales overview that includes total sales by item, order types, and VAT.

The platform’s transaction costs are very reasonable (2.3 percent plus £0.10 per sale), so you can still sell low-priced products for under £5.

3. ACE POS: The Best Trading Software for Restaurants

Compute One LTD. trades under the name ACE POS.A state-of-the-art point of sale system, ACE POS is one of the most effective and cheap options available today.

The professional POS software aids in an organization’s overall operational system. It supports the owner’s control of business operations, personnel, inventory, and customer and financial transactions. Other components of the Professional POS system include credit card terminals and barcode scanners. This contributes to improving the daily sales environment’s efficiency. Professional POS software is therefore essential for any business to succeed.

The Waiter App is a feature-rich app that works on both Android and iPad. It can control table layout, split bills per person, or choose numerous payment options. It can even print directly from the waiter app to the kitchen.

Kitchen KDS- Never miss an order thanks to this app. Real-time synchronisation of orders placed on POS, Waiter, or Kiosk is available.

Remote Access: With the ACE POS Manager, you can always access your PCO system from any location at any time via a web browser or by downloading the ACE POS Manager app.

The best option—your business’s POS system is designed with all the capabilities required to use and manage it.

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ACE POS is a state of the art point of sale system, we believe we have one of the best products on the market that is affordable and efficient!